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gained his first experience in the treatment of gunshot wounds in 1536,

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We have not observed the influence of haromeincal changes, except

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interests of the public health will be better secured by tlie

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* This gentleman, harlnj^ left a dish containinfr tnenty pounds of mercitry over

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square inch, being more than double the breaking-strain

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especially because I at first insisted on proving the undiluted

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and without causing any suffering to the person. It is observed, that in

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White IIou.se Hospital, where, for four weeks, I had an opportunity

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nificant increase occurring in the HDL. subfraction.

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tion to push the recommendation made to the Board of Public Ser-

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is muscular rigidity when it is found, as Hilton says, "to

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This, however, is the less called for in our pages, on account of the infor-

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recognised by the expert, to that which cannot fail of

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The patients did not even sleep in tents, but were in the open air during night

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victim was the woman who washed his clothes. Turning to Dr

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or incaj)able of regular exchange, and finally that septicaemia

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but he does not seem sufficiently mindful that the evidence upon which

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Medical .So(;iety shall be held in some conv«'nient place in the town

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for himself. The patient is completely unconscious of

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Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. When shock is the fea-

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October 4, aged 58 ; a graduate of the London College Hospital in 1867 ;

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experiments deserves mention. lie made a watery extract

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mode by dotted lines indicate the aieie supplied by the principal branches of

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consumption of absinthe in France has risen from 57,000

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cal deficit nor spinal instability, was appreciated.

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attendant of the patient, simply because this bloody ptyalism is taken for an

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much distorted by the contraction of the vascular processes of the

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of the diseases observed. A full statement of the origin

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that it may be said there are in some cases of cancer of

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the unwritten law of the state medical so- veloped in the state medical society are

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from being thickened, it is thinner than usual. We often find

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the physical and intellectual elements of society, second tonoekssmehris*

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cases of patients affected with secondary symptoms, who have been