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and upon reaching the outer surface of the mandible, breaks up
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as the paralysis. Of course, in this form of hemiplegia the cranial nerves
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Erysipelas sometimes occurs in typhus as in typhoid fever, l^ed-sores
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clearly settled wdiether or not the eruption ever takes place within the
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fraenum ; but in some of the parrot tribe, in which it was pro-
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178 Dr. Corrlgan on the Mechanism of Bruit de Soirfflet.
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branches correspond to the frontal branch of the nerve of the
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the nerve bundles. Along the glossopharyngeal nerve there are
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In addition to these sections, the following materials were also
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tending in like manner to recovery, that a large proportion of recoveries
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descending mesencephalic root fibers were foimd outside the
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thyroid, and pituitary) have been alleged to affect the vaso-
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never met with an example, and since that year I have met with a very
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always to be sought for. Generally the occupation of the patient suggests
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now disappeared from the urine. Examinations of the urine, made repeat-
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differs, in a striking manner, from typhoid fever exclusive of the period
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number of cells that will account, partially at least, for the
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of a brownish, approaching to a black, appearance ; the}' resemble some-
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The affection is not accompanied by febrile movement. If this exist, it
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sations may accompan}^ the attack, but there is seldom a well-pronounced
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typhus ; the frequent extension, in the latter, of the eruption over the ex-
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engaged in conversation, debate, or other occupations, abruptly, as if
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rine condition of the urine is sometimes lessened in a marked degree.
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Paralysis of this nerve, the motor externus^ leads to converging stra-
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ciation and death from inanition have been known to follow ; but in many
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disease. The vital forces seem to be overwhelmed, and death may take
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again, when the patient neglected to pass water for a long time,
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place, and not infrequently more or less sloughing of the areolar tissue.
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while in the longitudinal they appeared like lines parallel to the