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iparatus for testing the chloride of arsenic obtained by distillation

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lasted for four years, and had unfitted him for duty of any kind.

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F. Shrady sent the report, which was read by Dr. Beach.

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he was ordered an ounce of castorroil, with two drops of laudanum.

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almost certainly the victims of infanticide. The Coroners

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e"vidence that intracranial gummata are ever developed in such cases ; so far

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, patient industry of the numerous contributors, and there is every reason to hope that

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delirium tremens case that no account was taken of it. The patient

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We would ask those of our readers who may think that

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that when a cure is made, it is the talk of a dozen board-

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this kind have been often reported, and we have been present our-

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address, referred to such phrases as "morally certain

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pital of Hrooklyn. Further treatment gave ber no relief, so nn

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but the head, which presented in the first position, made no

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and, related geographically as both are, the exist-

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static or high frequency. The two latter are very efficacious

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cases were instances of "rheumatic colic" in a proper sense.

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paper laid sufficient stress — namely, what had happened since the notification

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University, Dominica, West Indies, 1987. Residency,

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neuralgia, rheumatic affections of the joints and tendon sheaths, metas-

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febrile excitement and extent of diseased cutaneous action or eruption.

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which passed into the stomach, the remainder being ejected

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must in the past have seen many cases of unrecognized

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other area did the physicians think that the mean percent of

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cially if the fever is mild and if the attacks are repeated at long inter-

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laborious task. Professor Erichsen has not only diligently

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and difficulty of ipeech being somewhal less than mi others. The treatment con-

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temperance : indeed, in drunkards a state of delirium tremens often seems