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There is a family of saprophytic acid nences to a celebrated surgeon for diagnosis

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welcome to Dr. Vernon, who has been chosen to fill his place.

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so familiar that they will immediately suggest themselves to

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units a day would cost about $1.50 for the Insulin alone.

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in judging the work of others. Probably no one always

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Service of India to public competition has rendered the alter-

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power of imparting heat which belongs to those peculiar

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conclusive and recommends that the blood of patients

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raphies should conform to the following style: name of author

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the swelling of the arytenoid went down slowly, she

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fourteen cases of Colies’ fracture: A single 2-5 cc. injection of Blockain into the

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Charity of Massachusetts, 1883. Supplement containiny Report

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bulbar palsy (involuntary laughing or crying) may be

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years was presented at the hospital. The history of the case

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21 by night, the latter gave off 21 by day and 16 by night.

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human physiology and pathology are concerned, it never behaves

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origin in the rectum and is first established there, but may

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patients, iron, in the form of a scale-preparation or as reduced iron, had

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being stationary for a short time, it gradually extended to

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the most perfect rest is desirable. Yes ; but its study

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sutures are not only superfluous but may damage the

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tion, and when the larger internal vessels can spare some blood

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grouped as an expulsive phenomenon — a great error.

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Before concluding, let me present at a glance the fol-

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above the knee, which I performed and an artificial limb was

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' Read June ii. ifjoo. before the Harlem Medical .\ssociation,

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physician with his eyes, he quite evidently did not know what was going

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face, with exhibition of patient. Chicago M. Recorder,

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of getting a fresh supply of water. After fresh water was taken on for

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ease. The exit is usually caused by other complica-

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Age exercises some influence on the development of whooping-cough,