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generally performed. Early in the history of the opera-
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«ach case no histologic abnormality of the walls of the
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the same time not knowing in what way it stimulates the heart,
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residue in the flask is evaporated down to dryness and
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greater probability of the thorough removal of the malignant
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secure the superficial femoral artery. I made the usual incision over the
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is treated in the same way, and a little plate fits over the
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sicians of bygone days owed their pre-eminence in the
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OQ the 8th of January, 1836, with pains in the bones and nodes. Has been
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was directed full doses of turpentine, followed with calomel.
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and skin from the dorsum of the penis; the second, bladder
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Case 134. — Operator, Trendelenberg, 1898. Dorsal . region ; dura-
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tion of whose contagion is entirely indefinite, for we do not
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rabbits. As the venom of different snakes varies, it may be
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contrast it affords, that I trust I shall be excused for introducing it.
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recoveries. From this time on cases multiplied rapidly,
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at Worcester — which we trust Pennsylvania will soon possess by the en-
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From the beginning of the disease, the usual remedies for worms (they
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superimposed layers of catgut sutures in the median
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We confess the impression made upon us by the work as it proceeds is not
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Cass 101. — Operator, Roux ; 1890. Dorsal region ; duration, 3
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desired to facilitate by every means in their power the investi-
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ago Dalton accidentally discovered that diphtJieria antitoxin
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nearly two years, all but 2 gave a positive reaction, while
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cases of the dry adhesive- type and in older persons. His idea
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not so serious as some imagine. The treatment of a syphilitic
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be as little interference with the traditions and habits
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meatus due to failure of closure of walls of the hyo-
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The following extract will afford an example of Professor Dickson's
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getically aggressive, and good livers, are peculiarly apt to de-
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with fewer hours for work, enabling them to enjoy fixed
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Naunyn's requirements for the production of calculi are
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it entirely from the other travelers on the train. In
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increased, and he began to s))it up a quantity of white stringy substance.
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some playmate of the village school children. It would
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in an average of forty-eight days. Twelve were recent cases
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