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the tube. In severe cases of poisoning (corrosive esophagitis) sloughing

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Diagnosis. — As the dysphagia is a symptom of paramount im-

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prolonged treatment" (Porter). If at the end of the third year the

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are usually to be noted. Hydrocele may owe its origin to the same

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they may be found anywhere along the biliary passages.

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The last four forms belong to the tertiary lesions.

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with a view to removing the obstruction, but without success.

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from Los Angeles, California, to 253 St. Ronan Street, New Haven, Con-

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such as II, TIjS, or marsh-gas, and gas-forming organisms (b. colil.

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disease in which there are numerous whitish nodules studding the liver.

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should be employed. If the skin is broken, absolute cleanliness must be

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once more subjected to a pressure greater than that of the atmosphere, as

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vent disease. Much can be accomplished in this field, and the

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plete natural immunity. Singer has produced artificial immunity

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the lids and free lacrymation are constant features ; the decided itch-

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It was the first to offer a four years' course (1878), and the

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irregularly, and there may be diarrhea attended by colicky pain, with

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gall-bladder. This happens in cases in which the gall-stone is impacted

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Dublin, New Hampshire, you will perhaps remember that as

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in full in the discussion of the respective diseases.

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ticularly true of that large class of cases that develop in acute articular

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heated hops, will all do good service. For the dull pain which is so dis-

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Pica is the term applied to the craving for substances not used as

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Hospital. It is through the generosity and philanthropy of this

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tion having collected. Swallowing is seldom interfered with.

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progressing. There is still doubt as to just when and how it should be

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napkin and child for days. The number of stools per diem may vary

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with anemia and emaciation, and forms a distinct clinical entity, [h)

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rence of paroxysmal hemoglobinuria has led to the suspicion that malaria

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ice-bag may be applied to the spine. The patient should be placed on

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his avocation. During the next day some degree of enlargement and

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phorus-poisoning the liver is seen to extend below the costal margin, its