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introduced through a gastric fistula. He remarked also that the

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perimental psychology ; Renan, the philosopher ; Gaston

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this statement. Of the 6 lambs under observation (Nos. 65 to 70),

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about two inches from the vertebral column. There were several

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sented only by small angular bodies. The interstitial tissue is also

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Patton, Charles H, 2405 Northwestern Ave, Racine 53404

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tion followed, and the obstruction arising from the tumefaction of the

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Generally, however, with an early operation there is a recurrence of the

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2. In the course of from one to two days the above abnormal

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mortality of 22.2 per cent. Ashhurst's mortality in invag-

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the bed, was becoming delirious, throwing himself from side to

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in 46% of these cases, and still there was only a mor-

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being a specific, he regards as assisting essentially in the cure. He considers

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ciling, if possible, the conflicting views concerning the

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his wife never to forget them. I need not say that I had nothmg

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being able to speak only in a hoarse husky whisper, and with a pain-

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showed tiie syringe which he employed in making the injec-

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tmal Derangements, especially those of an Inflammatory character. For nui ting; mothers and teething children

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for a day or two. Soon there is a rapid improvement in the appetite and

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be published either in the Philadelphia Medical Journal^ or in book

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ity, negative insulation, disruptive discharge, sparks long,

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statistical tables), to double its previous amount.

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"en masse," but prefers to go off by himself and read. He probably feels quite

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it establishes " with reasonable clearness the readiness with which ordinary

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the trend has been toward the extension of radical operations.

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60-patient Perpetual consists of 256 pages of blanks. Each

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fever, yet, when a man and his wife were admitted in August with "typhus

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alternating with diarrhoea, and from pain and distension of the

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immediate surroundings above the point where a "chemical" or meta-

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physician’s personal financial interests and the needs of

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its daily, semi- weekly, and weekly issues.) other practitioners in following in the foot-

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care to keep it in the same well-flexed condition as if the humerus were broken.

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reputation. His general and consulting practice rapidly

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At 6 o'clock in the evening of October 1 the baby was exhibited to a

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in the carotids : he placed the stethoscope on the base of the skull, and

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under a health official ; and he must never forget that he is not an

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is present, or wheix there is a feeling of soreness and aching in all the

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lavs, and tropical hygiene, a question which is now coming to

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take place within a few minutes, but were not always displayed by

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major attacks may appear, thus proving the importance

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been prepared for a long time, communicated with a reser-

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ology and Experimental Production of Herpes Zoster.

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Robert and William, to whom I may at once refer, and so remove