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surface of the superior maxilla. The disease however soon ex

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visible to the ordinary observer the disease has actual existence.

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retina retinitis due to pernicious ancemia etc. are rare

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there was milligramme of lead in each. The blood also contained a

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rupted weight upon the ascending veins productJB congestion in

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spinal irritation and generally a fatal termination.

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of yet it would probably be nearer the truth. I would strongly

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In the Preface to his Elements of Chemistry Laviseur said t While

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interval before he becomes subject to the overpressure

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with a hard abdominal uterine tumor had two applications of

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it is excellent for those that are troubled with the gout

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to the needs of persons with health problems and has

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renders the separation absolute between the uterine and

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While large bougies give temporary relief in some cases no

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in spray into the nose during inspiration. In obstinate

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ry glands. To secure its effects on the mouth it should.b

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nevertheless must not be neglected in suspicious cases in which the exami

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eovered the tubercle bacilli demonstrated by exact experimentation thej

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slaughter if left to graze they may not feed at all.

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is also found in the muscles of the leg and forearm and

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corrosives acid or alkaline. Electricity. These causes produce

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than has been imagined. It is indeed not unlikely that some

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part these grooves play is that they prevent slipping. This

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cial questions of administrative management and the

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made comfortable. In some cases even when cavities exist phthisical

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absorbents receive no proper chyle for the lymph channels. The

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poison has been detected in tlie blood of cholera either by the microscope

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The blood may be obtained by puncturing the finger or the

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purging and the vomiting soon ceasing the poison was retained. The

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and I must here state that in handling this subject

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geon under whose care the case was are well worthy of remem

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After having served as an assistant in Berlin and Bonn

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way bound off fingers toes hands and feet with suo

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peritonitis was already occasioned when I first saw her and the subse

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there is a primary abdominal tumor. Moreover the procto

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regretted that these blessings were not extended to

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Acute ergot poisoning is characterized by nausea vomiting profuse

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more and more in the hands of a succession of able professors. We

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form of remittent fever which has been distinguished as malarious