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19. In view of the above considerations, it is submitted that it is extremely
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for preserving the health of his crew on his voyage round the
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ject, discusses it under the heads of — 1, etiological, comprising
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ing before it the posterior wall, and projecting into the cavity of
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If, by stooping, we destroy the mechanical equilibrium and support of our bodies,
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leads to the development of the so-called procedure of Ambard
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tion of the tonsil. A small fragment of the diseased right tonsil
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'•A ^\x years since we were requested by Dr. Moore Hoyt to examine an infant
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true also of the other. Therefore, in the very nature of things, it is easy to see
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from which we have quoted some passages above— details of the
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no longer be compared with preceding stimuli, and hence cannot
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age of thirty is usually of rheumatic origin, that between thirty
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rated and again received into the river by means of rain. The heart is the great
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lium, whilst the epithelium on the free surface consists of roundish
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Argentol (ahr'jen-tol). CjHj-N.OHSOsAg; quinaseptol silver; a
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yerse. Usually persons of corpulent habits are deficient in both mental and physi-
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From what has been said it will be readily appreciated
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made it clear that in people with normal arteries and no cardiac
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and Medina^ and various places along the Bed Sea coast of the
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providentia, do not cause any functional disturbance.^' To
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The body and the mind are enfeebled and diseased by seeking the vanities
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suffered no sequelae from that accident. She has had no pul-
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3rd. The last objection which is combated here, and very suc-
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The sexes are to each other as magnets, whose greatest happiness is comparative
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Before it, fall the renowned statesman and the eloquent orator; the eminent law-
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tive except that the spleen was palpable about 1 cm. below the
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6. On the Management of Labour in Contracted Pelvis : An Inaugural
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sjstem. 8. The "heavy-weighf sensation in the Ic^ was replaced
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for five months quiTB lost heb speech. The catamenia had never
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from above (the higher nervous centres), either in the shape of
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The recent fall in the death-rate of pulmonary tuberculosis
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\,\j^f' \^^^ ^^^ ^^C^^ health and life in after years, neither
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decided in the histories of the cases to show to which of them
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rinding a partner who will many from love, and who will be willing, and more
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treating any infectious disease in the incipient stage is well
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soope, covercMl with elastic membrane and connected by two
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