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plifying as it does a degree of ignorance and obstinacy which

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Denson, H. A., Bennett, Central Coll. of P. and S., Indianapolis, 1887 1913 1913

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These sulph-azotised bodies may be either neutral or acid. In

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amounting to .£25,000 ; besides which, there was the

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right frontal eminence. Although there was considerable

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Physician and patient are both apt to disregard dis-

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dyspepsia, mercurial hypochondriasis, mercurial con-

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some peculiarity in the form and situation of the gland.

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cord and sciatic nerve of the fowl ; but with negative

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echoed in all the blissful intoxication of insanity. The soul, in its innate tendency to

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they appear to be of some practical significance. The results reported

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on passing a current from six cells over the pneumo-

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matter of any particular difficulty to the experienced rhinologist, whose

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infant or appears more often in the months following birth ; so we

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their environment and limitations, who now present themselves

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interpretation which may be placed upon the anatomical details as

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milk. He collected durino- the year ended June 30, 11)07, 4,1)()0 sam-

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without. The late Sir Andrew Clark, who was much interested

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lie chest spasmodically fixed, so that respiration appears to be arrested.

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March 25, 1905), says that spontaneous cure of this disease is possible, and

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angle of 45° to a perpendicular; but by the application of a dynamometer

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cially for young operators. Nevertheless, I am bound to say that with instru-

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vessels, but also by drugs which cause the heart to beat more

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Exceptional laboratory facilities for teaching and research. Abundant opportunities for clinical