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escape any taint, as in sarcoma, scurvy, pulmonary tubercu-
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thalmic artery. There Avas comparatively little blood lost,
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may be reached by telephone either at his office, 248 Main
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Mr. Skey has omitted all mention of the assistance derivable, in such cases
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Yields to water and alcohol. Contains kino-tannic and kinovic
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ankylosed as well. Under ether anaesthesia, through a single
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the disease, he was evidently moribund. Hebetude was rapidly deepening
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flammation, with fatty degeneration and breaking down
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She was hemiplegic on the right side, and had entirely lost the power of speech,
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to poliomyelitis during the 1st week or 10 days of the disease probably
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when strongly fixed, than the surrounding protoplasm (PL 5, Fig. 1, gr). The
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face. I have known a lady in whom a few acne pustules appeared
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2dly. That jius is capable of producinn; such irritation when detained in con-
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the capillaries on the rest of the surface were somewhat dilated and a
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locomotor effect may be great, in others little or nothing. So, too, the
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J. C. Sliapard, relegated. Nashville J. M. &. S., 1885, n. s.,
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Infirmary of that place, previously to whichhehad been House-
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tial constituent of many morbid nervous conditions. Often, when
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(better proteosuria) , because the term peptonuria was applied at a time
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ueolsB and cancellated tissue. 2. Deficient ossification of the cancel-
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It was not our purpose to attempt to bring to light all the merits of the
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future publication : — "Additional Fasciculi of the Atlas of Skin Diseases."
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IIcchKypoietir System, — The red blood corpuscles sutler
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sisted on the ground that the individual alluded to was an habitual opium-
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convulsion, which sometimes follows, often slight at first, but becoming more
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University of Pennsylvania; Assistant Gynecologist to
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to be noted, however, that this examination will give a positive
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the axilla. The patient was placed in a bath, the water being of the temper-
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sort. But the insinuation I refer to touches a subject of such
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effectiveness of medical care is particularly relevant to
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the concluding sentences of an admirable lecture he thus defended the
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sun-spots, ana it has been established for the magnetic declination, and by
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recently. In ten days from his return, his wife began to break out with