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many of the Si^rings, both in America and Europe, exercises a bene-
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dicular to the long diameter, thereby reducing the necessary constant
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Then there are cases in which, the articular cartilage being separated,
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resulting from haemorrhage to shock was to connect two things
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came familiar with a very fatal disease among the natives of Assam
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Alessi^ found that by exposing animals to the emanations from cess-
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be involved, and adhesion of the two reflections is frequently noted.
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— Felt rather weak and exhausted after bowels were opened ; the opiate enema was
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operation complete union was obtained, the wound, which was
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consist of the Governor, i\ttorney- General, and Superm-
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'rom the data thus obtained that the jdaster-of-Paris
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tube down by using cocaine locally or some other method.
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reported with the Moore-Corradi method are extremely
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they are given five minims of sandalwood oil three times a day, and dur-
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experiments reported with proteoses as anaphylactogens have not been
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prevalence of yellow fever, in persons who as yet retained seemingly
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but with scant knowledge of the elements of the most mod-
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feet chiefly affected. Great toe often involved. Alcohol to excess. No de-
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This book, however, of Dr. Burness's is a great advance on that of
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contains calcareous salts in such quantity as to make it crackle under pres-
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to the physician as well as a source of mortification and
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whole fluid alTumed an opake and femi-geiatinous appearance ;
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great majority of cases get well, or practically so
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some relief, and the patient desires the windows to be opened, without
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will be sure to win a place in the great lottery of life. You may not be
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wire, when heated after acidulation with hydrochloric acid.
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University of Washington Affiliated Hopsitals, Seattle
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frontal and parietal convolutions — ^was not affected. Only the lower
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can be no doubt, nevertheless, that however socially agreeable to
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and he was continually moving about in pain ; but, during the injection,
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Pathology and Treatment of Eczema," " Urticaria Pigmentosa," and
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stantly complaining of precordial malaise or choking or oppression in
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must concede, in view of recent investigation, which has
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time of their stomach digestion, malted milk seemed to take
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therapeutics ?" We are blessed here with a special and most excellent