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begin the strengthening plan, which often causes relapses ; he
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enlargement of the spleen and associated changes in the liver, important
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[We are much obliged to Dr. Curtiss for his interest-
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ficial Drum MeMd)rane," by Dr. H. N. Spencer, of St. Louis; " HeriH-
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from the time of a fall or other concussion. He would say
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For 6 months she has been harassed by pain in the left
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ly cleared up the point as to which parent -^ ^jf^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ The diseased or deform'-
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of the dog's heart from fibrillation and restoration of ths
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fact now pretty well ascertained that whenever the mother's constitution
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broad generalization. The work is communicated in its present
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III. Blood of Vertebrate Animals in its Normal Condition.* — The blood
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Her nrine was dark-eolored, iiad an acid reaction, a
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men, fitted for life's struggles as you are so well
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as a fair, or rather low, average estimate of the whole sum
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The vowels have not been affected in any of the recorded cases.
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patient. Ten injections at intervals of about one week were made in
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fixed in the derma, projecting above the surface as though a ball was be-
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had recourse to. It may be observed, that one quarter of a grain of
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regarded as pleurisy. There being no Physopathic physician in
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out of proportion to brain, leaving an infant with renal
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in practice on account of its destructive and corrosive action. This
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after five or six days of local peritonitis, but the colicky
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has been vaccinated with the bovine virus and use it from arm
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Midland Eye Hospital, publishes a case of Hysterical closure of
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