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purpose of informing von of the results of the primar>- cultures were found to be still intecten
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another; but the experience of a large number of cases has
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a list of recognised, repntable medical schools In the United States?
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which you see so extensively present on his face. During the latter
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Auge. Arcb. f. Opbtb., Leipz., 1888, xxxiv, 4. Abtb., 139-
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liteal space into two main branches, the internal popliteal and exter-
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to develop immunity against them, and Dr. Ferreyrolles rightly points out that
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From the results of various tests of fragility of the erythrocytes
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Courses of study. Within the last few years there has been a marked
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and associated efforts for accommodation aud associated
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should be in readiness to operate at once from the moment when
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Hospital, an extensive burn of the leg was treated by dusting subnitrate of
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diluted in normal salt solution was used. The agglutinations were in-
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pulp (b}' traversing which the blood ai)pears to purify itself, as may
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The frequencies of light energy, however, have not only
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3. In senile tremor there are 4 to 6 oscillations in the second. In
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bronchial. I ventured the positive statement that the child did
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to find them is to get the patient to empty the bladder
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tendency to a favourable or an unfavourable issue. The Sur-
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I propose a division of the symptomatology of typhoid fever, as regards
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To relieve the cough, demulcents are required; mucilaginous solu-
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does harm than good; and the same observation applies
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the course of his narrative, an account of a case of aphasia
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monia — ^where it is often combined with the pneumococcus and staphylococcus),
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which we are all free and equal. Let it not be forgotten,
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introduce it from having seen that certain members of the
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4. There is still some difference of opinion as to whether
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ber of the Illinois State Medical Society. He kept extensive
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a certain form cf dyspepsia, and the characteristic dis-
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away from the bladder of an old gentleman. Thirty-four of
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The best elements of our character are always broutrlit
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ture of the arteries has been performed — in fifteen all four
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Symptoms. — Neuralgia of the great occipital nerve, which is distrib-
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that we were somewhat surprised at this assertion; we have repeatedly
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them, the species of assistance necessary is clearly indicated,
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In primiparse and strong multipaiae the uterine contrac-
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