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3,845 were in prisons and hospitals, and 1,835 in private hospitals;
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of a woman who had been paralysed when a child, nearly half a century
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base, and have a finely denticulated apex directed backwards.
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Few bodily ailments presented in insanity seem-essential to
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and sanitation. Their notices to the public and their reports to the city council
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stages of development and subsequent dissolution which characterize
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The acting assistant surgeon ought to be proud of the
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of changes in protein intake, a finding in accord with the observations
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is gradually increasing with restored muscular power, and,
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Connecting the thyroid cartilage with the hyoid bone, three — the
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pyaemia ; many die of exhaustion, and others have anaemia of
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cle and use it as directed, will be amply paid for so doing:
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sorrows. His life was a blessing and had a powerful influence for good
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become inflamed imder such circumstances, and the cornea may lose its
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When diuretics were called for he preferred acetate of
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these spots gives rise to muscular movement. Three possible explana-
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bidity of 17.81 per cent, a year. According to Davidson, there were
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be well washed, and dried slowly in the shade. It is often
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secondary lesion after burns, which is doubtless of more
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She last menstruated on 9th January 1887. About this time she
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During this period, he says, I have given it in many cases of apparently un-
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about one hour and a half, and was extremely severe ; the hot and
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the nipple. The acini growth does not become fixed as early, although
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ticable, be placed where a bone is near the surface,
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atherosclerosis than those given placebo. In another
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which is rare ; one with medium-sized spots ; and one witli small spots.
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phase in treatment that is very important, and its results make it
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Chicago, uses a brace, modified from that of Taylor. It consists of a
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lens-capsule to its suspensory ligament. This concludes the first stage of the
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its regular session. To this rule no exception is ever made. He must then
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" It is stated by most physiologists, that during digestion the
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tion would only be called for to arrest hemorrhage or iii
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invented a number of ingenious and useful instruments for otological work
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het Nederlandflch Qaathnui toot Oogl^den. Door F. C. Dohssbb.
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for a day or two, but that this had passed off. The bone is in
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the kidneys becoming contracted as a part of the general morbid
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its subjective symptoms, it is usually only at a comparatively late
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avoidance of continued pressure upon the pelvic nerves,
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Prom these facts I conclude — 1st, That simple pneumonia, if treated
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tro-f(ft). FGr. ayyeUw vessel + <^P<# a twist]
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9th, temperature was 102 degrees, and by 7 P. M., 103 degrees.
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and 257). Simple microscopic examination does not disclose any special bac-
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from chancroid. The history, the superficial character of the
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Bartholomew's and Christ's Hospitals. Revised and Edited by W.
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Case V — Female child of Mrs. A., five months old ; was well up to the
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patient, as well as the operator, to behold his own larj-nx—
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very edge of the upper portion of the cornea, just at the