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the part once or twice a day, will cure it without any

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toneal cavity of an abscess, which remains unopened, is extremely slight

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cases of collapse and in cardiac inefficiency due to lack of vascular

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The tongue, in most cases, is fairly clean, or pale and only slightly furred.

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translucent), and consistence, which is always harder and more resistant than

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ness. The effects of removal, however, are, as has been indicated, frequently

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the furrow can be felt during life. Ascites and any very large abdominal

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as they, do not readily mix with water, it is moll con-

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blanching. Convalescent scarlet fever serum, introduced intracutaneous-

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of uterine muscular fibre is first induced, and then tetanus. Domestic

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being still a closed system. From a study of the models, it would appear

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cylate alone. Also he showed that hexetone dissolved in sodium benzoate,

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significance, and when localised it may depend on various other conditions

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readily differentiated from the tubercle, by the fact that two minutes' im-

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or choice are unable to suckle their infants, and give them a mother's care ;

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has a close resemblance to Asiatic cholera, but differs from it in being

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desire is said to be diminished in severe forms, but increased in mild cases

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potential pleural sac the lung subsides and the pleura fills with air.

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Many other sources of endocrines have been suggested. The

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decidedly larger proportion of the former tuberculous. It would, indeed,

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be embedded in the infiltration. Various forms of granulation may be

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gradually increased to a quarter of a grain. Corrosive sublimate is also a

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The dead bacillus is not simply an inoffensive foreign body; it is a

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of time. The influence of temperature in allowing the disease to become

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that it is thick and muddy, or that it deposits a sediment on standing.

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Pyridine was found by Hare to be a respiratory paralysant and depressor

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titude, which the horfe cannot bear for any length of

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destructive, and ulcerations in this disease are generally larger, deeper,

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turbance of the renal blood vessels. In some cases, this disturbance is

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attaching the protruding head, so soon as it could be laid hold of, to a

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be mentioned all those substances frequently taken with suicidal intent,