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lymphatic glands and spleen, two varieties are included under the title

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next to the skin during both the warm and the cold seasons. The skin

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Auscultation. — The characteristic friction-rub of the first stage has

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Under the term nervous dyspepsia I shall embrace a general considera-

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(mouth, anus, etc.) ; the osseous system may show hyperostoses of the

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tion. This pigmentation may have either a dusky-yellow, bronze or

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2 Phila. Med. Jour., Jan. 1, 1898; Saunders' Year-Book for 1899.

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*• attenuated culture " of the staphi/loeoceus pyogenes aureus, v. Dun-

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Chirurgia, The editors are Drs. Mattoli, Sr. and Jr. Upon the last page

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ing the utterance of words (impressions from muscles, mucous membranes,

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often given excellent results. With it must, of course, be combined the

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outbreaks are most prone to develop in the spring. There is a slight

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one year, although some cases may continue over five or even ten years.

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different ways. Scirrhus cancer of the wall may contract the

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definitely the nature of the findings. There is no loss of fat in the

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Integrative Action of the Nervous System" is based, is most useful. In

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bladder, and also from the exudate in the joints, small diplococci that did

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the lesions are in the small intestines. When constipation is not pres-

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all involved there are ptosis, divergent strabismus, diplopia, and con-

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the form of a cylindric-celled epithelioma, although it may assume the

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usually aggravated by pressure over the costal margin and by lying on

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opposite side is attacked. These may recover apparently, but are soon

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absent throughout the course of the disease. Death is sometimes

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muscles, and less frequently of the pectorals and the serratus magnus.

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is then shown by the production of iodoform, which can be recognized

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bits of spinal marrow beneath the dura mater), the period of incubation

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in which pus is suspected an exploratory puncture may clear the diag-

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kocytosis. Leukocytosis under such circumstances has prognostic im-

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from 6 to 10 mm. (^ inch). Its body is thread-like, with a conical-

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(a) Hygienic. — The environment, both physical and mental, should be

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caria even in some persons, while others arc unmindful of their attacks.

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consideration of which embraces an appropriate description of the as-

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Fever is usually absent throughout, unless the contents of the sac

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and surgeons of America belongs the credit of having first established

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In many instances there is positive retraction, leading to thoracic defor-

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denness of the attack, without appreciable cause, occurring in a child,

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roots of the same side and terminate in end-plates of muscles. Dejerine,

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