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The radical cure of hydrocele should not be performed

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That there is need of legislative action to provide a remedy for the re-

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of the bladder, with the accumulation of a gallon (4 liters) or more of urine,

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nor the other, and therefore we see no good to be derived from its

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would think of bloodletting except the symptoms were severe,

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raised temporarily. Stokes has noted that in some cases of pericarditis the

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elementary bodies of Empedocles — fire, earth, water,

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courage the patient to take milk better. The latter should

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haps truly, said," remarks Dr. A., " that if the cause which produced the diar-

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that in uncomplicated cases the prognosis is more favorable than in

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the laboratory," or the study of plants and animals in the

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excites arteriosclerosis and chronic interstitial nephritis — affections which