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investigated by Tyzzer, numerous inoculations were made without results.

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must always be a question without lumbar puncture whether a true infection

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Convulsions occurring in the course are of serious moment and point either

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Whether there is true natural immunity of some human races to certain

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ear disease the days on which the discharge commenced were as follows:

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with complete index. Cloth, size 6 1-4 x 9, xxx and 803

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Rogers, Oscar H., M.D., On Build as a Factor Influencing

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pneumonia. In the pneumonia of children and the aged a leukocytosis often

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special toxic or other properties, but nevertheless produce antibodies in

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are then gradually absorbed. The patches which are undergoing absorption

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the purpuric cases, degeneration forms and nuclear detritus are not found.

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sults. This was five years ago and he is still alive in appar-

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albuminous." Stiller, 1901, foundnot only albumin, but hya-

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less saprophytes, but pathogenic forms are not rare, though usually not very

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spinal meningitis we still are at a loss to explain why, in the majority of cases,

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The earlier spots are of a rose-red color and rather bright. The eruption

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The following data show the frequency and mortality from pneumonia in

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experience in four large cities of this country gives a lower

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this surface a reddish sticky fluid with fine granular plugs may be scraped.

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and valid cause for rejection in one company should be in all.

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There is a great difference of opinion as to the giving of a purge at the onset

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the medication antabuse is used

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source of a terminal general infection. The organism found in the boils is

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by immber two. Sick animals may infect a pasture for ten

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these in many instances so disorganize the vitality of the

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My seventh suggestion concerns the relation of agents to

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vaccination against smallpox, whether acquired in the natural way or by

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of the membrana tympani and then backward to the posterior wall, care

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tion; all the phenomena severe. Incubation three days, traumatic reaction;

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perature frequently occurs; 109° F. has been noted a few hours after death.

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of so-called standard lives will accept any person presenting

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infection) definite deposits of new bone were shown in the plates. These

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with sufficiently cold water to a line level with the umbilicus.

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the eruption is rarely present on the extremities and the hands and feet

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which is to be regarded on the basis of animal experiments as the etiological

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2. Bacteria that withstand drying and may convey disease when carried

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