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that the patient had received some 7 years ago. This gave

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of the attack in all cases presenting similar symptoms

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h. The presence of irritabUity and contractility in

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sonian System, which been proved to be superior to

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In the second place, any effort to regulate medical practice

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electric cautery needle is strongly indicated. Strange as it may seem,

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voidably occur if left to Nature. For I have long held that deep an-

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product of it. The disease starts in the conjunctival

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fatally after the third week. The post-nwrtem examination showed a com-

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tions, cases continue to be produced and show the need of further

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on his own body furnishing quite analogous results, Um-

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who died suddenly from very profuse bleeding within the cyst, without its rup-

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us in rushing to the conclusion that acute inflammation

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In considering the figures of the chemical analysis of

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Cook, by Mrs. Mary Randolph, 4th edition, with amend-

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anguish, either constant with occasional aggravations, or alto-

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Dr. Crile of Cleveland has been secured to deliver the Address

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of softening the physical signs of the disease are too obvious to need

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ily done in some vocations than others. For instance, the re-

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pupils contracted to a very small size and inactive; deep coma; left side of face warm, right

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The diagnosis of the disease is easy, and I refer to the text books.

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entire penis is performed ; when only partially removed

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TJlceration of large intestine in enteric fever. Tr. Path.

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1-10 and 1-100, whereas it will clump strongly at 1-200.

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the whole weight of the skirt resting apon the soft tissues of the

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p2[2] = t_matrix[2][0] * pl[0] + t_matrix[2][l] * pl[l] +

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fold. First, to ascertain whether or not the clinical picture

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of two degrees can be overcome with its base up or duwn

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These may be placed under three headings, namely, (i.) the humoral, (ii.) the

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called the ligamentum ovarii. They are small, flattened bodies,

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or large, we nearly always find, side by side, a double process, ending, on

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was being gradually lost. Both the motor and sensory

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it is insoluble in alcohol and ether. A second dose administered shortly

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always most marked in the dark 6r when the eyes are

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now seldom occurring to shame the profession. The subjects of these

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Dose, 3iv every hour and a half. Take such a solution every

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for which there was no known cause. It gave no serious incon-

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Lately it had increased. At the time of admission to the hos-

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tem, and tor counteracting e.\ces.sive nervous action".

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to a field at once narrow and in which we lose sight of the

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succeed with ease. Time is of the greatest moment in these cases, and if.

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farther it was moved to the right, the greater was the diplopia.