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ent standard of practical teaching ? If he would not, he
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1896 Taeoett, James Hexry, M.B., M.S., 6, St. Thomas's Street, S.E.
thought they would certainly suppurate, but they did aot. Those
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ance for egg subcutaneously was increased to a point where he
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the alveoli of the upper lobes, either temporary or perma-
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I have previously stated that in not a single instance have genuine
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tion which does not react to microchemical fat stains, such as
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to the Pennsylvania Institute for the Instruction of the
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pleasant symptoms were relieved. Microscopic examination
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ties); i.e., the orders Cetacea and Sirenia ; the Ungu-
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From the drum is a small opening outward to the external ear,
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TO LET : — A small suite consisting of two offices
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HYPERTENSION: The most frequent clinical adverse experiences in controlled trials were: headache (5.2%), dizziness
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of friends. He was serene and happy, with just a slight in-
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taken away must be regulated by the age, strength and constitution
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of treatment, it would require some local stimulant
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very fine grayish grating in a clear translucent stratum. With the
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the daily papers, it may not be uninteresting from a
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brane which is excellent for the purposes of study. Al-
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tion under the new law for license to practise in Penn-
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the different types of cheese as represented by Eastern as well aa West-
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up a report from the General Purposes Committee on the
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tion of the membranes, as " the hand formed into a wedge-like
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Made an examination of the milk sent in from Denmark, compar-
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The affection in any of its forms is rare, and it is a
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specific gravity is generally high, — while a hydatid cyst
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unsuccessful. We are taught neter to empty an over-
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of a revolution. It should certainly be the supplanter of the
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Ry E. Fletcher Ingals, M.D. 8vo. 765 pages Illustrated.
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ment of such cases as this tends greatly to the confirmation of the popular
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tion concerning his treatment, and the well known predisposition of the
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a failure of clear and comfortable vision, and oftentimes with results