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Plate II. — The man who looks after his eyes, but neglects his soul.

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may undergo several attacks during a few weeks. M. Lucet mentions

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But the anatomical peculiarities which mitral lesions exhibit are

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their degrees in medicine, and the Medical Coi-porations their diplomas

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whom you in life and death so m»ch honoured ; and now I, after a very

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With the material from this tuberculous testicle we inoculated four

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sequence of casting, when the horse has been kept down for a long

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at Magenta and Solferino; but that, from want of previous organisation

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first reacts on the hepatic and intra- lobular veins, then on the capil-

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iL^vpn^atn these cases seems to be due to the influence of dete-

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before it began to feed. It was relatively little depressed. The

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in larger numbers to go sooner to the front. Besides, the National Com-

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tals of lithic acid were found, but no blood or casts. The urine was

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opposite the anterior part of the bone of the penis. This portion was

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social and scientific arena of the thinking, hard-working medical stu-

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fonvard to attest his callousness to the sufferings of others and his dis-

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great vascular, nervous, and other disturb.ance in individual parts of the

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Ranlow, docteur en medecine ; Sadreux-Lachapelle, docteur en mede-

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