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mass is softer, and of a creamy, pulpy appearance. The
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The country cross road schools are the ideal American schools,
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lymphoid tissues that, as he believed, antibody formation was interfered
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xxvi, 94-96. — Bri<l<lon (C. K.) A specimen of osteomve-
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organic in origin it would have run closer to the middle line of
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a disastrous influence on infants aged from six to twenty-four
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coat. In this connection, I may, however, observe that the vesicated surface
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of the autopsy previously recorded, case 5.')."), as conclusive, as to the pathology of Cercbro
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does not follow that they are never useful because in mild cases, or those
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she turned the book upside down. At 20 feet the test-types
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capsular ligament in the direction in which the bone escaped; so that
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are (juite similar to those reconmiended in chronic vahailitis (ride supmK
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ated in organizing and supporting the following plan :
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lesce into one voluminous mass, the percussion-sound is dulL At the
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two days without causing unusual nervousness or other
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serum causes rapid death, with all the signs of hepatic insufficiency (diminution of urea,
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rubber and drawn over the foot like a stocking leg. Its
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^^ My attention was next drawn towards the closure of the wound.
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five years, who recovered. Lastly, three cases of conservation of the foot,
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or the ingestion of acrid poisons, which respectively present
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for 1872 ; the other quoted by Ferrier), in each of which the spasms always
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In the earlier stages the ulcers are round or oval and placed with their
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ventilated rooms, tends not merely to produce an increased frequency of the
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experimental measles on May 27, 1920, 12 days before reinoculation. Monkey
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It is true that many expert cerebral pathologists can predict the
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of them he jiroposes to call pi/ri'toi/einiic. It is a white sub-
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are more frequently attended with Dropsy than the large livers.
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meddlesome mind not only forbears interference, but ignores her
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thus spoke : " I bore with such equanimity as I could the discovery
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Society relating to the cure of malarious diseases amongst
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the patient from doing near work, and thus to give the eyes
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Sooner or later a revision of nomenclature must be had. Of neces-
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the wave which has swelled backward and forward to a dangerous
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diseased. The right side of the heiirt was also dilated.
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desserts on page 18G and following. The general name of frozen
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sulphate of soda placed in drops on a glass plate cools
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