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victed of unlawful trafficing in narcotics. This place soon became
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hundred, and the first 'crack out of the box' she became pregnant. So
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slight expansion of the right side. On the afternoon of this day the tem-
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mitral stenosis, that stenosis developing insidiously may in course of time
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branes highly susceptible to the reception of other conveyers of infection.
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given by the stomach. We could find no tumor, and came to the
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of physicians to one another and at present such a thing does not
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City, of course, but went outside of New York City as well to
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Though this inflammatory and infiltrative process lasted many years,
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"I fail to find in the act of Congress under examination any
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skin with adherent pulp, but the patient had taken no such fruit.
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daily guarding the health and safety of the individual by our
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here ; for all the symptoms and all the physical signs observed in disease
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was bridged by a broad pli de passage a little in front of the parieto-
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welding together and fibrous transformation. In the great majority of
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to a facility in the manipulation of profesional commodities, it
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Some time ago I had a culture of a diphtheria bacillus em-
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the abdomen. It is truly a vital region. In opening the ab-
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The physical circumstances of soils largely determine the facility and
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bent position. There was always a feeling of soreness in the upper
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The mucosa cephalad of the line of junction is thrown into a
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the ground that the haemoglobin liberated from the corpuscles reaches the
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after a time caseates and breaks down, and in this can be found the
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it adherent to the peritoneum posteriorly and inferiorly. The tumor
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proven that the typical condition, as observed, remains through the
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wound opened. He was removed to the hospital, where he remained for
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zoster femoralis, in which erysipelas, and four attacks of what the author
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By Wm. H. Wathen, Louisville, Ky. Reprint from the American Gyneco-
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3. The most frequent site of infection is the epiphysis near the joint,
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should knov^ the exact site of the narrowing, which is accom-
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the movement of water may be perceptible over a considerable- area.
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extending from a point an inch behind the right labium majus to the right of
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time, be well rubbed with alcohol containing some alum, or with soap lini-
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stated that none of the therapeutical means heretofore used show such good
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and anus. There are two well-developed anal papillae, and between them there
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had recognized at least some of the objections that had been made
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tagion to be overlooked. It has been claimed that physicians should become
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ally be stimulated to activity by quinine. Passing to the human sub-
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twenty-five years of his life to the collection of works on, and the study
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As the minutes of the last meeting had been published they were
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who made the following report : " The walls of the canal are but slightly
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"I love Thee," exclaimed the voluble Captain Marryat, "I
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conditions of our medical teaching there is given perhaps no mean trib-