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not surprising in a country where every mair is a soldier and liable to

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I may here add, to avoid having afterwards to return to the ques-

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b"mainly due to the hypertrophy of the muscular wa Is f '^f " °"'«

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to believe that some limbs would have been saved which have been

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cities, as London and Dublin, if the funds collected be sufficiently

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medicines, but, daily growing worse, were at last admitted within the

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siastic spirit. On Sunday last, M. Hersicr, in the French Protestant

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had not collapsed, but adhered by its anterior lobe to the costal pleura,

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invalids went ; no .advantage was expected from the air alone. By de-

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gradually diminished towards the extremities ; near the cardia it was

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present in the Seine and neighbouring departments, and at times

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"Children do not well support a fast", as Hippocrates truly said, and

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affect veiy considerably the fcetus ; and also that blood-letting practised

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been driven forward. So far, then, crlcris paribus, the sound ought

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tions displayed a dozen tumours as large as a man's fist.

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be elected by the general body of members through the medium of

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Although the Hospital sands tn.n „ P'"'^ Hospital,

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in the Archives vctcrinaires for 1884, the first cases clearh- establish-

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examined all three, and have seen that as regards the symptoms and

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and somewhat prominent. At the margin between the middle and

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Junker's instrument for applying powders to the cervix, reminded hira

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external half of the hock remained slightly indurated.

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irrigated with a -i percent, subhmate solution. Temperature, morning

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double its ordinary size, and along the entire external quarter the wall

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NO CAIth. "The Animal Tuberculoses, and their ttelation

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statesmanship. The fall of the house of Stuart, the

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spontaneously, forming a kind of soft curd, though if a few drops of

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of the disease, embodying the opinions of an intelligent

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I. That the patient had been affected with tympanitis of the left ear for

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Tumour of the Bladder, taken from the body of a male aged 54, who

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One of these the size of a hazel nut was excised ; it consisted of

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I have also used it in disease of an inflammatory nature in my family, and believe

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he should go on a trial vo\age to sea, to the Brazils, w-hence he returned

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version. With regard to the " splendid appointments" that had been

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were audible ; and in the upper part, and over the whole of the left

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of an extremely grave character, similar to those of a rapidly progressive

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enlarged and almost completely ossified right auricle ; its anterior

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lirium, and I have known it produce epileptic attacks ; it is, therefore,

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ST. GILES-IN-THE-FIELDS and ST. GEORGE, Bloomsbury— Assistant Me-

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inserted to bring together the muscular layers and to fix the tampons.

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