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most of the houses being in private hands and likely to remain so.

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owing to such operations. The other three classes— 4th. Ventilation

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Medical College of RichtMndy Virginia. — The Trustees of Hampden

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case of locked heads. His first attempt was to dislodge the head of

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terebinthinse TTl^xv, tinct. opii TH^x, and tannic gr. x, with mucilage every

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voted immediately to the patients. One of my fellow visiters to this

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. peered to have lost its controlling power, and to have left each organ,

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nerves. As the degree of this influence increases, the cerebral func-

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air as possible, so that he may by ventilating his lungs, rid his blood of the

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to infection, "the lymphoid structures in the alimentary tract are very

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in size and breadth ; at same time the bulbous portion at its deepest part

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tionary was advertiaed to be published in London on the 9th of June.

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U. S. Marine HaepUalj Dec. 7, 1837. C. H. Stsdmajc.

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On the 12th of May, 1836, Mrs. K. was delivered of a female child.

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mental symptoms ; or, simultaneously with the cord symptoms, mental

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cistern or through having lain overnight in the conduit-pipe that leads from

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carbon dioxide, as in a well, or a vat charged with the gas, immediate loss

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States of America. In his deportment he was plain, unassuming, unos-

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Pilocarpine, the chief active principle of jaborandi, is used medicinally

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again required. The next morning a messenger was sent in pursuit of

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doctor now remarked, that he did not like the pigeon-colored bvff^


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change from venous to arterial blood. The arterial blood is positive,

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of the intestinal micro-organisms, may alter the chemical constitution of

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2 ins. are applied to the neck, one behind and the other over the thyroid

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[ most decided and extensive application. It is there that we find it ex-

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spigelia, and at my next visit I was truly gratified to see him walking

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meetings of the Belknap sewing circle ; while each returning Sabbath

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Pellagra is met with in France, Spain, Italy, Eoumania, Austria, Corfu,

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action of the heart, and the defect of vision. Tobacco amblyopia is

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Great Britain, — the "black assizes," where judges, jurymen, and spectators all

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The early stage of putrefaction leads to softening of the whole thickness of

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Metastasis to the liver, lungs, or other internal viscera may take place,

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