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above and behind downward and forward to where the oh calcis articu.
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chloroformed animal died in the same time and with the
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rooms the capacity of the hotels would be cut in half, and many
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loose character of the colonies within the crop in conjunction with the
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time the patient had been growing worse ; and, at its expiration,
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with which a Wound has been bandaged, an excellent iodol gauze is
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1884, i, 231-235.— Riedcl (J. G. F ) Galela und 'i'olielo-
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erous public, but at times are rendered almost unendurable by the rug-
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to govern the Maternity Benefit. Since that time a Joint
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night, I would wet five towels a yard long, and fill a spit-cup which
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The tumour had been slowly growing for twenty-thi'ee years in the position of
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■watching was required in some of the worst instances to detect the
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the small intestine, and especially of the ileum. Thickening of Peycr's
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now on leave of absence at Los Angeles, Cal., will report in
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followed in compounding them. Dr. Squibb truly says, " There can be but one
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of the patients had gangrene of the intestines. She
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rupture of a fold of the ileum, consequent upon a fall on the pave-
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waukee, and we are treated fairly and satisfactorily here, and
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Passing to consider remedi es which enter into the management, I place
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House obtains that enlargement which the sister service at
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be little heat of skin, there is nothing like the ordinary
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patience of the patient and his friends to quickly re-
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in 1951 where he practiced for 10 years at Goodsoil.
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exposure from which the illness is dated, and the first symptoms generally
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foreign, however, to the present inquiry to detail these cases, or to enter upon any dis-
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months. Relapses have never been observed. — A. J. M. S,
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in value in regard to their solvent value upon uric acid.
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known emetico-cathartic properties, even when toned by
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best course has not been followed. "We have become so
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saw the patient, finding her in true labor. Expulsive
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much more needs to be done to sustain the men in lull strength and in
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iVl inah's. 50 ft'iiiales; \. iiiaciili|H'iinis, 1 ni?de, iio female). A.
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charge from the ear. The X-ray may be valuable in this type.
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were discovered in 1842, l)y M. C. Krause; Dr. W. Krausc tlnnks
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was a want which was not supplied by the hospitals, but wa»
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eight weeks, and that some are subject to a second short attack in the
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The treatment of rheumatic heart disease is too extensive a subject
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For how much to be thankful have those of us who fi^Ve to
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may elect his own branches of study. The yearly examination is final so far
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when the amount is relatively small or moderate, several drachms or a few
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