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one, which I will distinguish as the " London tincture," was pre-
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of old-standing cases of uterine catarrh it is hopeless to expect
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used only in the first stage on account of then go over the abdomen the second time,
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(Fig. 3) instead of perishing within twenty-four hours with
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traordinary Case of Deformity of the Face from Scrofula. — By Professor
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Where it is possible for the abdominal every minor detail connected with the op-
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The improvement in the symptoms of the case on the dav pre-
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tently or, in the absence of provocation, they may be entirely
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retained in the bark, whilst the latter principle is extracted by the
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except during the temporary distention occasioned by the passage
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treatment be directed to the bodily disorder which will com-
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is to be preferred in cases where the quinia causes unpleasant con-
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most susceptible of galvanic excitation ; whereas in spinal paraly-
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sence of the germs in the innocent wound, pital" and diploma mill of Michigan, which
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ability and the fraternal relations which mately in the United States. Of this num-
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Chicago, III., May 19, 1903. ^^^'^ '"sn to undertake to prosecute such
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No. III. Condy's Patent Ozonized Water for Toilet purposes. —
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as the case may be ^eal to be said in favor of this method of
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far to compensate for the comparatively imperfect character of
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the mucous membrane which becomes hy- result of hemorrhage into the tube. Ad-
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medical attendant at home, but she preferred to return to St. Louis.
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The transmission of the malady to rats and sheep was not
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quence that the judicious use of this remedy is frequently decisive
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able for the severity of the reflex neuralgia. 11. "When the
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reckoned, malaria. Both heat and cold acquire additional force in
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of one of our most distinguished countrymen, who has since its publication
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discontinue the raising of turkeys shows that it is of much
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to bed and a catheter secured in his bladder. Not expecting to
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to be applied to the nucha: and the camphor mixture to b«
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tion. Such struggles breed similar struggles, and the restraint
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Dr. QEO. BEN JOHNSTON, Professor of Gynecology and Abdominal Surgery in the Medical
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tongue, in connection with its enlargement, furnish the best evi-
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(2.) The acute neuroses frequently call for the administration
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emphasized the then existing opinion that it was identical
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gives greater excitability or mobility to the general system, but
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is tuberculosis, which is very rare in sheep. A careful exami-
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