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families confidently believed to be under domestic control. And, indeed,
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is made pliable it can be over-corrected, and it is more important to
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This is a contagious disease, dependent upon exposure to
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ment to the labouring circulation ; and the copious serous dis-
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With these symptoms are associated the evidences of functional dis-
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establishment of a convalescent home. It was also resolved
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peutic methods, were successively developed and suc-
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themselves within certain limits, and especially to the thigh.
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dilate organic strictures of the oesophagus and the rectum." If
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senses, there may be germs, or first beginnings, of others, which, from a
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42 C. ; the pulse is very frequent (80 to 100, or even more, in
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difficult and costly, but since it has been found that calcic carbide when
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began -with those most culpable in fostering the abuse oS
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heat slowly. Mix the rest of the milk, in the flour, and beat
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sideration of hip-joint disease. It is not, I think,
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employed during the war, and evidently in many cases with
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the brachial, excepting the circumflex. These were pulled down-
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with the chemical changes that may take place in this mass from
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irremoveable lameness." I think we may safely take exception
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secondary lesions due to gonococci, tw^o methods of specific treatment
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and 4tb. Acid smell; curdy. ā€” 6th. Sweet. ā€” 8th.
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the passage of a gall-stone, or should the pain in the body become
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been affected with rheumatism. He had previously experienced two
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antiserum, the second contains the fluid alone, and the third antiserum
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For the remainder of the eligible population, monavalent
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hausted her resources and strength in futile efforts to force
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A sudden onset of symptoms at this time of life is to be regarded
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Hirsch,in his Geographical and Historical PĀ«//(o^O(7?/, published
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I speak of this case especially, because it is one in
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a question whether every organ of the body had its in-
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Arsenic in the Senile Heart. ā€” Arsenic is another of
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or injury to nerves. Fractures of the clavicle, sepa-
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has thus got intimately mingled with the mucus contained in the
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the affected part, cooling lotions or warm fomentations,
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to restrain action begun or to prevent incipient action from
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regard to the extremely frequent use of the coal tar derivatives
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returned by the several counties frequently bear no fair pio
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Andrew Wilson, between 70 and 80 years old, was admitted to the Penn-
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madness, which only the harp of David could control
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tears away with the membranes, leaving a characteristic worm-eaten appear-
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every case more or less marked improvement is the prompt
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axis, the head is rotated until the occiput is anterior. This part
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him in his present capacity as superintendent of an extensive
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victual effort. Oftentimes, however, these derangements are
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