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school and its approval is necessary for all ; yet much liberty of
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fects, primary optic atrophy, and an unexpanded sella.
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and a thyroid tabloid of 5 grs. was given twice a day. For. 2
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tate. 3. With sodium of tungstate it gives a cloudy pre-
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£26, 5s. for licentiates of the college, £42 for others. When of
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In the second class of cases there is little or no loss
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heart, raises the arterial tension greatly, dilates the
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ing this for several weeks irrigations of the rectum, three
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If the disease becomes chronic, Fowler's Solution, in doses of three
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Treatment of injuries of blood-vessels (control of hemorrhage) . . 166
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there are certain substances that show a special ten-
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collected. Tuneclift''s case is the only one in which the
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"obstipation," this latter term being used when we wish
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first importance that an operation of the magnitude of
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in by the student as each stage of the dissection is completed. At the
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within twenty-four hours it may fall from 152 to 80, or in even a shorter
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Without specific therapy, the great majority of malarial cases
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even the internus contracts (slow conduction in nerve). In accommodation
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dislocated beneath the coracoid process, and the limb could be
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Briefly stated the interpretation of the law of 1881 has been
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37. To quote from Baldauf, "Neither calcium nor sodium soaps, palmitic nor
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or very similar to those which are prcidiircd by a cerebral abscess may be
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is by no means the circumstance most observable, but the puffy tur-
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three cases represented the three different degrees of the
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Dr. De Wccker, however, has founded a Hospital of his own
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from an anatbmical point of view as it illustrates the third
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immunity, viz., antitoxic and bacteriolytic. In antitoxic immunity
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months before she had suddenly fallen in a fit, to whirL
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Diagnosis and prognosis. The diagnosis is usually easy. The
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obliteration becomes pervious at times as soon as the
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assistance of a brace unconsciously exercises all the
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These "intermediary bodies," however, are only carriers, for the bacillus
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about 350 pages, was written by Pusey and deals with " The
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In my own experience, I have only noticed the firsl thing
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knee-cap, and of the collar-bone. The method of the
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ease of any important organ. Celebrated authorities, particularly
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itself and although non-striated muscle fibers are contained in
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The students at the State College are chiefly adults and therefore
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addition to the various stages of caries of the tooth, the condition of the
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dicative of geneial arterial disease from the ophthalmo-
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parotid gland, at the spot selected for tyintr the knot.
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the pericardium." In this case, with universal anasarca, we
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duction of the first, but in this the greater part of
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themselves with the ordinary effects of compressed air as
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out their intoxication through the open mouth, if they were
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they were removed. The haemorrhage, however, was so severe that
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the diseases will be controlled to the same extent. To accomplish
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' Vide Roberts, op. cit., and Senator in Ziemssen's Cyc, Am. ed., vol. xvi.
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true that an ovary may remain prolapsed for years with-