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subsided, the pupils relaxed a little, and by the time the arm
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bj rapid diminution of the gland. This treatment may be ex-
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no diarrhoea in fact ; complaints are made that the bowels are not
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The President said he had employed bark in conjunction with
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tion, as well to the constitution of the blood itself, as to its unequal
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normal. There is still decided impairment moval, often when damp from perspiration,
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with it. Among the glands most commonly hemorrhagic are
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endeavored to combine all the elements necessary to the successful ex-
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seen within the granular leucocytes. The determination of the
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This streptococcus did not grow in gelatin, or on serum, or
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irritation or error in gland secretion which has given rise to it^
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Fig. 29. Photograph of a porlion of tubercular omentum of a cow,
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outwards, and not from without inwards. In lupus we have
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the climatic conditions seem to be beneficial for tuberculous
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could see no symptoms of a dangerous character, and desired me to point out, and
Instead of breaking off the necks of the glass bulb as formerly, one merely
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examined microscopically, shortly afterwards. In 4 of these a parasite
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filtration about the head of the worm. This process continues
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recovery occurred in four. He considers it possesses a special
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time after the treatment by means of explorations with a ball-
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this classof cases, ineludinK Turkish and Electric Baths.
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tion of the cells. Changes may also be recognized by methods
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cided value in relieving inflammation of the superficial and
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numerous as to present more square inches of ulcerated than of