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for an adult is a maximum, dose. The oil of chonopodium is recommended,

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conies on gradually ; one eye only may he affected, hut usually both eyes

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The length of the period of incubation varies. It usually requires about

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such that the escape of pus through the mouth is facilitated.

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associated a hard systolic murmur, originating at the seat of inflam-

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the possibility of recovery in a well-marked case ; still recovery is possible

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tissue increase ; in such cases there will be no decrease in the size of the

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Pressure by flexion may be made in cases of popliteal aneurysm, or a

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greatly alarm him. When there is not only hy])ertrophy but also degen-

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to diyide itself into practical, or that receiyed at the bedside of patients;

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tissue may become tubercular, even when the pleurisy was not of tuber-

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the advent of its first symptom until convalescence is fully established,

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the pain and reduce the tegumentary inflammation ; its use should not be

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general, directly the result of certain lesions, permits of the deposit

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treated with water solution of aniline oil 100 parts; saturated alcoholic

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between the arm and the trunk. The biceps muscle is the muscular

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masses varying in size from a pea to an orange, yellowish-white in color,

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loric extremity of the stomach. Over all, or part of the mucous surface,

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haps the most reliable. It is used in the strength of from 1:500 (in

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joint. In such cases, the ankylosis will be bony. It is of importance

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wound looks unhealthy and is coated over with a membrane, which in

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sort for consuni])tives," but results are strong in its favor. A camp or tent

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weakened, the normal cardiac tension during diastole as well as systole may

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the position of the patient ; the breathing will be exaggerated above the

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distended condition. This phlebitis may result in the formation of

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and all dirt removed from beneath them; the hands and arms should

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new connective-tissue. The new tissue, contracts ; this contraction may

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collapse and the volume of blood in anemia is diminishid. Chauveau's theory is applicable to anasmic

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points will also often greatly aid in making the diagnosis.

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During the whole course of treatment external application of moist heat

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tions are less marked than those of hemorrhagic. The cough and expec-

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swelling is gotten rid of, the diagnosis may not be accurately made.

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quent and irregular, the pulse is small, weak, and irregular in force and

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destruction of tissue at the point where the papillary congestion first oc-