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twenty-five days on account of sickness, October 13th,
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I have thought this case of sufficient interest to the medical
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pan. Mr. C supposed she was taking a hip bath for her suf-
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just as gastric hemorrhage does in appendicitis. This com-
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The patient, a boy, was born on November 2, 1894. Tlie
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Cansation. Symptoms and progreas. Tr e at ment . Baw meat
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retirement in 1982. He continued teaching and seeing patients at the
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gives any indication that she might be so, having the
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be handed to the resident librarian of the Academy, for
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twice the size of a fetal head. After a few days' preparation she was
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tion for delirium ; (4) nasal suction for abdominal dis-
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by Dr. J. H. Kellog, of Battle Creek, on " The Influence cf
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sistance of two instruments, a clamp and prepuce tractor,
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cutaneous diseases find a favourable soil. They are thus really only
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mittent type. These cases are often mistaken for malaria and are
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problem presented by the masses in large cities like London was more