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present in one-half of the cases here cited. It occurred in all forms
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tertian parasite, Plasmodium vivax (Plate I., Fig. 2),
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clared. A sudden and considerable increase of the frequency of the pulse
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have done the best that was humanly possible, and that
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never omit in the management of these cases the correction of
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Das describes in the Indian Lancet the case of a woman, aged sixty years,
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ferent position every time the dressing is renewed.
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hension of food, and_especially mastication, are impeded and even
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and anxious. From this period the motions ot the child
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(F.l Bakteriologische Untersuchung des Kothes ausdem
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tried about twice a week, administered by Dr. Cuth-
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twice over the ulcer and surrounding skin, then cover the ulcer
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If, the fcetus in utero being in this state, pressure be applied
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the breast bone and in the space corresponding to the lower ends
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one portion of the .chest; for there is no fixed spot for either
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by constipation, and great sensitiveness of the abdomen to pressure,
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from the bladder, and that from a very early stage of labour.
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filters or chemicals is never, perhaps, absolutely safe from the
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rigid in systole; its valves healthy; slight pericardial
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account of his party affiliation and not on account of his
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A luoHt iiswful, convoniL'nt, and dtairablc iinsparutiou. alwuj-H ruady for
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advantageous position, or when they are assisted in their action. Many
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than the right has not been confirmed. He quotes from Wicke, who fbund that
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of a hard, red tumor, which had appeared about an inch and a half
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energy disproved the false and unjust accusations which had been
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1887, xlv, 685: xlvi, 154; 231.— Corvejus (H.) De epi-
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Society shall be withheld from such member until his arrears be
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2/9 14.6 18. 20.6 23.2 4200000 Patient walking about
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tory. I refer to the cases where the pregnancy has advanced beyond the
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ing deformity which sometimes results because of the difficul-
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sur le si6ge et les causes des maladies. [Transl. by Des-
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tain low note. But the most remarkable fact is, that the
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intussusception is not more common during erence. In acute inflammations, such as phleg-
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gressive atrophy in which the disease is seated primarily
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has failed to prevent such triumphs of chicanery, it
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boards of medical examiners for 1900, in order to form an