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tial paralysis of the muscles around the articulation ;

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tistics to establish the point, the number of cases re-

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ought to be dissatisfied to find himself in at home?

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being put to the vote, was carried by a majority of

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Buad, M.D. Two drawings, exhibiting the Intestinal Camei-on differed from Mi-. Steele, and conciu-red

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issuing of a national Pharmacopoeia (having, by the

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of the majority; we must here appeal to the facts and argu-

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line must be formed very slowly. 'V\'ashing the Ups

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same that it had been since 1792 : two-thirds of the

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with the well known Osmunda regalis, with a delicate

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distant about two miles fi-om the Wellington CoUege

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the highest merit must be awarded to ^Mr. Wells for

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forcibly inclining the head of the needle tovrards his

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the ' o-rave misapprehension' which appeai-s to exist

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the last century in this country, and specially men-

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forms present themselves in almost every variety for

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class of remedies, fr-om the judicious administration

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the same lesion. The tongue is dry or coated ; sordes

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the left eye. She came to the Bath Eye Infirmary in

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thii-d stage. The pupils now begin to show inequality

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to collect subscriptions to defray the expenses of Mr.

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script of the short-hand -n-iiter's notes of the evidence

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of whativcr rank, and without questioning his reasons or motives

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sent date, she has never had any discharge, sore, or

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beheve — that his physician or sui-geon would not

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a state of perspii-ation ; giving Dover's powder for the

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receive may be impai'tial and honest — such, in short,

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making the Fund open to the profession generally. I

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region he did his proper work excellently, with a clear

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cury which he took the evening before. His recovery was rapid and

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public ; but he would not press for a penalty against

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lines of the Moniteur per minute ; ]\I. Tliiers, at the