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by tuberculosis elsewhere, especially in the lungs.

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individuals, so that it is especially prone to appear amid the misery

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pericardial cavity and produce no symptoms until rupture takes place,

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ance in the kidney suggests that the cutaneous vessels also may be diseased,

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ending in death. The nervous symptoms are often temporarily abated

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understood, that we may have almost every variety of combination of

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by continuity and contiguity eventually form a membrane which may

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lung, especially obstruction to the flow through the heart in consequence

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therefore those of a chronic fibrous pericarditis. The anatomical changes

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secondary hypertrophy, in which mechanical obstructions to the circula-

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quently associated. The general health is unaffected, and especial symp-

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of the deformities vary. Eickets beginning in the early months of life

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frequent occurrence. Gastro-enteric catarrh, inflammation of the serous

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cision from within outwards. By M. A. Amussat, M. D.

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DIAGNOSIS. Anthrax is to be distinguished by the fact that whilst

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London Medical Times and Oautte, we find "that the disease nas, in no single

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He also found in the milder cases of membranous pharyngitis as a charac-

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hoxm onljT, to an atmospbere loaded with the poison ; had his sets-

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selves may become sources of infection. Epidemics may also arise from

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be lost in the general symptoms of a violent pyaemia ; usually, however,

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It must be remembered, however, that chorea may be developed in

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convolutions, or, in other words, just below the lower end of the fissure

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be suppressed ; and death results from paralytic asphyxia in two or three

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be controlled at home, all that could be accomplished at Carlsbad can

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and, as a rule, the health of the individual is not seriously impaired. Ex-

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result of the presence of other bacteria than the bacillus of tuberculosis.

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value, since it is inconstant. Even when blood is present in a fluid con-

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disease, though it may put an end to the diphtherial process, may not

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Cerebral Localization Motion Sensation Athetosis Aphasia Cerebellar Lo-

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ducing local anaesthesia, should again be well washed with eighty per

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science which has grown out of the recognition of the fact that, in the

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goaeral laws r^pilating health, many persons may pass through the

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result. There is an abundant formation of mucus, especially in the large

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first seem not overwhelming, but be followed in a few hours by violent

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is simulated when the pustules are in the vicinity of the hair-follicles,

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In children, chronic catarrhal pharyngitis is especially characterized

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doubt often due to injuries during birth, but its frequent association with

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up in all possible ways and the nutrition of the muscles maintained by

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Jaundice sometimes occurs, rather as the result of a duodenal catarrh than

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recovered from, although bronchiectasis and emphysema may perma-

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Esepamum of lee. — Rev. IVederio Qurdiner gives, in the last number