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associated with hysteria in the author's cases. All
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means which lessen inflammation, leeching above the eyebrow
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ance, it was quite likely that those activities which
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years, in these cases is the result of a slight shock in the beginning.
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etiological factor of many diseases the situation has
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tient, a painter forty years of age, had fallen from
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ble in the first, is often inapplicable or insufficient in the more ad-
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medical profession on the question of the treatment
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t^he graft is to be cut must be free from scar tissue.
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of the morbid anatomy of adventitious products in the brain,
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— R. Imhofer (Moiiatschrift fiir Ohrcnkrank iiiid
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ganglia as the circulation of the blood upon the integrity of the
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Put i.11 ice box for ftiur to sixteen hours, preferably
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property of the Journ.\l, and should bear the full n-ime and address of the author for publication. The
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rest and medication, improved the general condition,
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painted red and blue respectively for rapid adjust-
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Temperature and secretions. Very rarely sensory first deaths occurred at the beginning of last Julv
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phthalmos ; salivation or dry mouth ; cephalalgia of
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secretions and cleanse the gastrointestinal tract was
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be attributed directly to preexisting conditions, one
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had no attacks after the operation, this period vary-
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