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brought into contact with the serum of a person with
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cination. Over a hundred years have elapsed since Jenner
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cent. although the population had increased nearly or per
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simply because the ophthalmoscope was not then discovered
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eases of the urinary and digestive apparatuses and of the uterus
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a specific infection but an invasion with a host of
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and the like injuries to various viscenie appearances of body dying from
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given in standard dose and virulent blood also given
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being read. He consciously remains the spectator and avoids being
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A Letter from Dr. James containing the most important informa
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With the results of this first Commission we shall deal
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Spirit is applied to remove the turpentine after which the entire area is
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It is also to be noted that sometimes the pulse increases in rate
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also desired by substituting oz. of bismuth subnitrate for
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ties have been fruitful of great good to the physicians
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trophy of the ventricular walls. The wall of the left ventricle varies
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of their manufactures. Only the coarsest cloths were made at
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which he also resolved into beads. That was for many years a line
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knew him and possessed attainments of a very high order
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ciple in about twenty cases of early infantile paral
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ments. Other rulings were that taxes should be placed