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Delicate persons are prone to be attacked, and there are some individuals

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congested but also in the anaemic parts ; in the former

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be borne in mind in the interpretation of the figures given by other workers.

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A dictionary should be an authority in matters of deri-

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cause measly meat or "jinneges Fleisch" especially is sold at these

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caution in administering to addiction-prone individuals or those

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anus, evidently a kind of neuro-paralytic secretion from the mucous mem-

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^^'ith a diminished volume depends entirely on a vasomotor mech-

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methyline blue, and allow it to remain imtil it has distinctiy stained the

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recollection of it, both his statements may be true, though I have little doubt

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science, and offers a field for the display of the highest quali-

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of reaction. Although it is believed that the patient will

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and humerus were originally united by fibrous bands

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where large quantities of organisms are taken up by the lymph streams.

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a very grave condition, almost universally fatal, the

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the patient. Other diagnostic studies included pneumoencephalogram, cerebral

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gone. After lingering for a time in great pain, the poor child

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twelve recovering, and three dying from shock, uraemia, and slough-

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to the virus of cowpox, therefore also to that of smallpox ; and as pro-

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that could be desired, are certainly most gratifying, and

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If you want to talk to an Army physician or visit an Army hospital

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of the Workhouse Hospital and the Fever Hospital being full,

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even been demonstrated that diphtheria bacilli taken from the buccal cavity of

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determined upon the probabilities of enhancing the prospects

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Attended by Ladies, was opened some years ago, in connection

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is very curious, in some instances in which all the symptoms of

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vesico-yaginal fistula, where there was no vaginal wall of the bladder at all.

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had been given internally, that is in dealing with living

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dependent on a mechanical impediment to tbe return of bloiid frnnltl

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Wharton, L. D., Smithfield, Tulane Univ., 1893 189:'. 1894

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by him to the Philadelphia Pathological Society, which

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relief and was now breathing easily. On examination I found air

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in daily contact with, confining myself, as far as possible, to the

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ceptibility to the tubercle bacillus. A case whicii has

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In this latter point of view, the treatise of Dr. Dunglison is one admirably

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the enclosed letter addressed to you by the Superintendent of

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in the Punjab that, during 1868, " 1038 " head of cattle— equal to