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surface is algid and pallid, a cold and clammy sweat breaks from
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with violent pains in the abdomen, meteorism, great sensibility on pressure,
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must not allow ourselves to be deceived as to the actual value of the
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immediate cause of the symptoms presented by the case.
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According to Hall, MiiUer, and other physiologists, all minute vessels
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or other nuisances. In one instance, several families in one house had ty-
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s., Iviii, 18.5. — Theobald (S.) Preventable blindness.
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cord,) the principles of treatment are the same as is given for acute Men-
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between these different articles of the stimulant class.
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Some of these are not primarily pulmonary. Reference is made to such
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some furniture, she had a miscarriage between the second
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vations, all grouped into this one chimerical category,
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to adopt some other vocation. Local stimulation with the faradic brush has
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Dr Stewart replied, that his cases presented throughout their
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ing. But I have expressed these figures to you as applying to a
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disease terminates. Not unfrequently the larynx and trachea are
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Circular No. 35, State Board of Health. Commonwealth of
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State of New-Yorli ; and one of the Physicians of tlie New-Yorl; Hospital."
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The nutritive blood serves as a substitute, acts vicariously, for
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formed, is, in our experience, sufficiently reliable, but in any doubtful
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power to oxidize or deoxidize the substances with which they come into
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end of one tube was involved where it was adherent to the ovary.
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ated from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, in 1895.
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venlafaxine bupropion imipramine clomipramine phenelzine
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on the udders and on the teats, and there is profuse salivation.
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attack of syncope may occur. A paroxysm is very rarely
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of the attacks, with generally a hereditary gouty tendency,
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Lichtheim's view, again, that paraphasia is dependent upon a sever-
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in all case, of morbidly increased irritability or excitement of
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this remark I do not, of course, include cases of empyema necessitatis,