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lesions might be noticed, but the principal ones have been mentioned
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prescribed, often, indeed, without any very clear idea as to what is to
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such cases, but only in such cases, demand venesection. Li most cases,
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"The common people use the following remedies: They make the parturient
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that they increased appreciably in weight, for half a year at a time
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where I applied it to the anterior and posterior tibial arteries,
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History. — The history of Streptothrix infection is shown in the review
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being absorbed into the portal blood, cause, like alcohol, adhesive in-
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In the gelatinous thickening, fatty metamorphosis begins chiefly in
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diarrhoea depending on the oedema of the mucous membrane. In pro-
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markably protracted and tedious, and hence, of course, much less fre-
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come soon after the infection, they are classed among the secondary
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succesfully by iodide of potassium.) Eira, Stockholm, (1897), 21, 262-264.
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in the Philippine Islands of obstetrics in accordance with modern methods
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oose. Rev; Gaz. hcbd. mid., (1897), n. s., 2, 534-538. — * Actinomycose
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Of rapture of the heart, as a result of fatty degeneration, we shall
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ciety to do its duty ; and the fewer minutes it took for this,
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happens that throughout the whole attack, with every slight alteration
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pylorus. Sarcina ventriculi very often occur in the vomited matters,
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tion of the fit by the use of tincture of valerian and castor setherea.
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occurrence of spontaneous haemorrhage ; we content ourselves with ful-
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complete in all of the controls, remove the test tubes from the incubator and put
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The illustrations are not only largely original, but they explain the
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curdled milk, flows from their bowels, and in vain turn away their head
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* Jakowski, M. Promienica pluc i oplucnej. (Actinomycosis of the lungs and
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variable as is predisposition to catarrh of the larynx, developing either
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no manifestation of cattle plague. (See Chart No. 69.) On the 27th day of
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redness and vascular engorgement such as the violence of the symptoms
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we have become familiar in the emphysematous. They seem very short
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There is, in human pathology, a very important group of branching,
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the imperfectly-emptied heart, and oedema of the lungs, palsy of the
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strip of skin was similarly removed from the posterior region of the leg.
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indicator of the presence or absence of free complement in the fresh
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and which often retract the neighboring parts of the tongue just like
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pulmonary consumption, as it occurs in the vast majority of cases,
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The membrane of croup consists microscopically of amorphous or
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in normal states of the vesicular murmur, are soon lost after
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of temperature persists long after removal from the bath
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spherical cells of indeterminate nature, that is to say, with the ana-
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The same doses of the morphia- salt given to a young kitten produced
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may or does increase mortality in the Philippines is a question to be