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meningococcus strain which had been sensitized by passage
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ing pain in the hypogastric and right iliac regions with con
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time we detected an obscure blowing sound and subcrepitant rales
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albuminuria after epilepsy we find that it was most
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watched with attention a pleuritic effusion which had withstood all
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there was a positive antecedent direct or collateral
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when the legislature becomes sensible of the necessity
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aUo. The humerus could be felt in the wound it was uninjured.
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be a redundancy of the urethral mucosa which at first sight
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suck or drink too much in a fever. Sometimes they have a
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have occurred following abrupt discontinuance convulsions
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designated as diabetic deterioration in other words
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and getting up he scrapes the floor and soon has marked colic
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found capable of drawing much more but I would not use
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The catheter was left in the bladder as the hypertrophied
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is allowed to run down to the crystal without mixing
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doubt or forget it but on the contrary it was probable that
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he perceives the sound later in the degree as its source approlEtches
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and the symptoms that were noted there are several points of interest.
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or foreign body in the course of the nerve it must be removed.
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In bacteriology the class and laboratory work should go hand
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The body of this calculus was extreraely hard so much so that
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Spleen The capsule is thickened. The Malphighian bodies
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more horizontally than in the adult. As a result of this
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tus does not however succeed in causing the eye to rotate beyond the
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so also in regard to the retiring salary for Professors in which of
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On the first of these subjects we possess only the experi
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and all ineducable cases of school age. All educable cases
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cusses this subject and presents a plea for the treatment of
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poultices it is accompanied by the sensation as if the teeth of that
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and in the reception of these types we must adapt ourselves to
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quite impossible to differentiate between suppurative and non suppurative
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may attack the substance of the nail and lead to its disintegration.
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best applianca A cast put on unintelligently will do much more harm
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inoculation but as they are remarkably persistent they may be

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