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of external objecls are either excluded from them by the dark
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over the burnt surface and as the evaporation of the hydride
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no evidence of any abdominal neoplasm was discover
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carefully expelling the blood which seemed to have a tendency to
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premises The coincidence of pregnancy and fibromyomata
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therefore constitutes the most definite threat of early death is stenosis
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for the second year of insurance the rate is fourteen per
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these Scotch towns the lowest rates were recorded in Leith and Greenock and
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As the disease progresses there is pain on micturition
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types of poisonings. Doyon found decrease of glycogen of the liver
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even a little blister ointment either diluted or not may be used
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filled by a light colored laminated clot. There was a
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the lungs. The larger lobules have a thickness of from to
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of Science for a grant from the AlacMillin Fund to defray the
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There are certain places which are practically uninhabitable in con
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relieved the symptoms while he was warm S bed but he got up
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necrotic mass surrounded by an area of young fibrous tin sue and
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cine inside and as soon as an equilibrium takes place the
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determine mild or severe neuralgias in very diverse regions of the body.
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At a late meeting of the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society Dr.
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I have thought it right to wait until the Committee controlling
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system. Therefore the condition and changes found in the urine while
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Again as some persons are blind to certain colors so
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the lung structure and its marbled appearance are indicative of
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He continued however to grow worse and weaker his feet
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ciousness is lost the excitement can be avoided in nearly
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few American horses of either sex would breed when dis
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practically the same. This means evidently that a high arch throws
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into the peritoneum it causes acute fatal peritonitis. The disease may end
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added to the Professorial staff of the Queen s College which
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a young girl with a very bad lateral curvature after she had
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with greater intensity than before. Chloral and chloro
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ceral enlargements whenever the exciting causes of disease are applied
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outside teacher who cannot shorten their studies by
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of each year an informal ballot containing in alphabetical order and
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those animals which are not killed by bleeding. In animals
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tetanus swine erysipelas and hog cholera serum etc. For more
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anatomical histological and clinical it was more consistent to regard

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