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days. The Doctor is spoken of as a genial cheerful
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ference of the electric current Sir Walter Foster of
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On the Spirocheta Obermeieri they were able to demonstrate a slender
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who thought that it was a case of imposition. Next day the
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in fresh whole milk in stale milk overrun with bacteria
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The tumefaction had increased so as to entirely fill the abdominal
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tendencies may thus occur. The most characteristic symptom of uremia
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but with the royal families of England and Scotland. But
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the sickest patient with peritonitis that I have ever
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Its solution will require here as elsewhere the combined efforts
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spleen was rarely enlarged greatly in Hodgkin s dis
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true in regard to one s view of the importance of susceptibility whether
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interest free basis for periods up to three of four
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department Clinical Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Papineau
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a spindle shaped or somewhat oval enlargement the beginning of the
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withdrawn and then introduced with it it will frequently
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lack of oxygen in the blood and at an elevation of metres
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Syrup of Figs does not debilitate and is perfectly safe.
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self admitted an arbitrary one and I found many cells which can
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pendent of pharyngeal diphtheria. In some inetances the
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Recently a determined effort was made by the medical
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Professor Behring s direction. The discovery made in
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ride of zinc solution basin with carbolized.solution
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people of the town of Keswick are not the only persons con
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tions in the art of dissection form an organic whole.
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opinion it was most important to give an anaesthetic
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of thew. During the past reUef was afforded to S In Patients
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tric mucosa was at the autopsy found to be the only organic
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ling with shells brackets pen and ink stand books pictures por
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tion found in the mouth and on the extremities and which so universally
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School of Medicine Dr. DeFilippo wrote this article during his
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towards the right side which had gone on increasing. Dr.
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stomach the fluid might entirely disappear it having
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sible hiccough and wild shrieking or melancholy wailing tendency
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from M. de Juffieu informed himfelf concerning it. The quinquina tree never
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state. These attacks are sometimes accompanied by temporary
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in a professional character and which information was necessar
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His boy for whom he believed that no ambition would
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the cases here narrated we have endeavored to give a faithful

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