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were found and there were many hemorrhagic spots in its mucosa.
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norma blood pressure the remainder had borderline or high blood
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among the lower classes of human life in the Middle
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make the basic distinctions necessary we can then apply
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not dislodge it. The broad ligament had not any part in the
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difficult to diagnose from organic mitral stenosis. The Flint murmur
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bodies first priority in evacuation to centers where expert ophthalmic care was
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the ideal length of the experimental period in the infant.
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a cicatrized tuberculoiLS ulcer embracing the entire circumference
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control the hemorrhage reinforce it by another yard or
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meier was first described by Obermeier as occurring in
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an asylum. Yet here there was deprivation voluntary
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upon the authorities of the Charity Hospital on October
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than any cells in the body and respond most readily with stimulation to
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strain with a perfectly normal eye and the reason was
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regard to their position in life or the probability of pecuniary
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sists of lectures and demonstrations including the use of lantern slides and motion
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in which syphilis and the parasyphilitic affections are common there is no
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recreation have become watchwords and through medical
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placenta being mainly if not entirely derived from the fcetal tissues
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went abroad and studied in Edinburgh where he was a favorite pupil of
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wooden huts and the natural progress of decay there appear to be
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less with his brother Robert Gladstone and generally assisted
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celes demand particular attention. If the prolapse of
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ures must be tied only with sufficient firmness to bring
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abscessation is said to ensue resulting in a fistula.
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half hour was the least time that should be occupied
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cellular tissue might cause an inflammatory reaction.
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lating massage of from ten to fifteen minutes patient lying the while.
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cation of the anterior ligament. Sometimes osseous new
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The articles are well chosen and cover the special field of diseases
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cases there is some acquired or inherited predisposition.
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gratitude for crucial pep talks and strategic advice for her insights on institutional
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duration of the disease was seven weeks four before
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present in which necrosis had occurred in that part of
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