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thickened arteries and enlarged heart I may cite a case which recently

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the lumen is narrowed by the excision of a wedge shaped

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side of the metasternum in the adults. The odor is common to most

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ulcus carcinomatosum from simple hypertrophic stenosis of the

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turbed in chronic suppuration before the operation the

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ing other affections. The irregular fluctuations in tem

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Evans John Henry Brooinfield Crosby Road North Waterloo near

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Pasteur treatment and taking the number of persons treated we find that

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usually the patient gradually becomes more and more drowsy with in rare

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pylorectomy in which records were kept concerning this point

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present. That in all cases which appear unfit objects of charity de

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character one will find cellular changes in the thyroid tissue iden

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and Sommer while Ernst particularly studied the etiol

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the haemorrhoids had ceased. Tired of going so often to no pur

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theoretically or from tlie physiological standpoint

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diminished. That a powerful current is traversing the body is

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suiting physician at the Baptist Home for the Aged

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pressure is supposed to be one of the principal im

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the desideratum is rather to lower the temperature of the purifying

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only after repeated examinations of the blood by one

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plished by means of steam heat generated in a suitable vessel called

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i that Butler s Physician s Pocket Record issued by D..

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This occurs only when the patient attempts to stand. The affection has

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the stomach to these organs and give rise to communication between

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is made over the caput coli. Then reproducing the technique of the Kader

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bourhood in whose households it had come to his knowledge that there

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or stares vacantly at the questioner through half open

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people to hold him down either during or immediately

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regulation the deadly practice of sending boats away on

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The records of the last meeting were read and approved.

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she continued to do well until the second day in the

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alkaline solutions of the sugar are especially adapted for nutriment.

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than a naked man is in the cold air. These waters if the

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the art of healing human diseases. Examination. The

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septictemio symptoms set in. and she died of pyiemia on the th inst.

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In the treatment he relied principally on posture and wash

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Prof of Fractures and Dislocations and Clin. Surgery.

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or sequences I would advise a mixture of chloroform with

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an abundance of useful practitioners of rational medicine placed at their

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indicated he does not hesitate to make use of them. The principal elements

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