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which contains over two hundred pages presents many valuable Reviews

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I have operated in this way a great many times and very

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using drainage tubes received a good deal of attention.

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held at Madrid under the auspices of the Spanish Gyne

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quired the right of domicile by length of tenure and showed the same

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regulate its effects Pseudo scientists were prone to

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Mulder this was found by Wood to be present in the proportion

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ever that may have been in common with many other stimulating

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eral reaction was severe it led to no injurious consequences

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The Pepsin and Pancreatin used in these tablets possess highest digestive power

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divide general paralysis into three periods of indeterminate duration the

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He gives first a report of six cases in children in all

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ion seems to be on the contrary that appendicitis is

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between osteomyelitis and ordinary empyema the chances are in favor

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in that department has been so busy and the results obUained

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this country since approximately of Hib patients are

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foot and mouth disease and which were protected from slaughter

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countr posing as eye specialists. Lewis amp Co. is at

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see that these manifestations are usually chronic and follow the primary

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a proteid one. There can be no question that carbohydrates are far better

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shown with the cutaneous sutures below the pedicle not

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dition of things on a majority of the estates and point

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particularly the left Babinski sign on the left side some slight

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Vienna from photographs and they are certainly very

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will aid the diagnosis. The prognosis in all these cases is

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gan in fact every cell possesses this function to a

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pensation not only in its entertaining information for the

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to him the fact that he can obtain more perfect results

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If after long duration of the occlusion of the bile duct the

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cent. provided the gastric juice present in the stomach was of

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of the home office officials were aroused by a report

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High blood pressure caused by these toxic substances mentioned above

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seasons any case may become dangerous and the prognosis should

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whose discourse was The Opsonic Theory and Therapeutic lilocu

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showing no pathologic changes. Cultures from the various organs remained

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letter has been transmitted to us by a mutual friend which we are

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tissue. This may extend between the muscle fibres and cause stiffness and

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ago I employed clilorine water as a medicine in fever at the

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able plan it is to be hoped that it will meet with the

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