additions of recent years to the medical curriculum.


The Meiostagmin Reaction in Infantile Tuberculosis.

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so badly and his condition became so alarming that ether

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being greater and the grade of fever much higher. All the pheno

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weights of the three existing Pharmacopoeias of the United Kingdom

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stant they were influenced by weather conditions being

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ments then a portion of bowel may become incarcerated

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during that time the pain increased so much that the patient

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inary corps in the army in the first session of the Fifty sixth

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pertrophy showed nothing abnormal. The superior vena

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nal from the rectum into the vagina salivary fistula from any of

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with the other form of proteid matter although quite marked with

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were better his heart was worse. It appears that he had had for

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to the x rays. Conception may be prevented pro ton. and

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cerebrospinal fluid is clear as crystal. If the fluid with

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blood may if necessary be diluted sedimented and centrifuged.

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copist to identify human blood by this test alone it

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osteoblasts and spindle nuclei. No osteoblasts are seen.

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condition must not be confounded with playfulness of young

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In common with most of the books of this type treatment

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normal. There is however during this period often a rise in the

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ment embracing many points of Practical Importance and

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are sleeping in the case books of the Hospitals. Gentlemen may see to

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transversalis was exposed by careful dissection and

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cases of local gangrene in general a line of separation occurs and

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or see full Prescribing Information. Merck Sharp amp Dohme. Division

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happily but very little acquainted. I hope that if my expressions

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tions palliatives the result is as follows nine wo

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moniaj adhesive pleurisy and cirrhosie of the lung lead to the

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inspection the pump and covering to the well were found in very bad

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disease are often eonfouiuled with those of the remedies exhibited for

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as yet be decided definitely. In East Africa Robert Koch found

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A number of other preparations of belladonna are officinal with the

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so important at the outset of a serious malady. There

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