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attending Lectures on Ophthalmic and Mental Diseases


and in the midst of their public rejoicings have loudly pro

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requires according to the thickness of the stems one half to one

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human perspiration under the influence of drugs and

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finger or toe so as to fill up any gaps which would

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loudly heard but only that it is much more distinct there

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It is generally advisable to prescril e it in coml ina

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decided on. Invagination with gangrene was found and

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Jamieson Peterhead Dr. Leslie Stonehaven Dr. Greig Fyvie and

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all his influence on tbe attachment and almost veneration

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Such is the field of modern surgery. Let the good work go on

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upon which to base conclusions. The anatomical investigation is apt to

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toms or it may have as its symptoms intermittent epigastric pains without

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Ainslie Hollis calls attention to prostatic enlargement

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becomes inflamed in its lead and a kind of herpes called the

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faeces in the dilated intestines and inflammatory peritoneal exudate which is

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of the digestive tract and kidneys analogous to those of the skin.

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drunkenness has been committed. In this instance it would

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many years and some terminating fatally in a very short time. From its

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make it what they feci for the good of the Profession

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chronic indigestion as mental hebetude with eructations of foul gas and

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from the lower extremities and thereby give rise to the develop

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sons. Salicylic acid and the salicylates are more efficient antiseptics

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administered for two weeks or longer if the danger should continue Tt

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But the symptoms of acute gastritis point distinctly to the stomach as the

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Tincture of benzoin may also be used one half to one

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