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and another good friend of after years Douglas Maclagan were the

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dull headache and says he has been subject to it during his

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mately with the word cure. To prove the case for the

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appreciate antiquity yet he has never turned himself

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sary resuscitation where required for my own part I do not fear

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examples of this deformity are cited from various authors

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city already honorably distinguished in that particular.

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it are to be avoided. Furthermore we depend on quinine to destroy

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after cure as in the aged and cathectic. It occurs in the

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follow perforation after posterior gastrojejunostomy than after the anterior

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under control of the National Association. If the great mare

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statements and reasoning made a deep impression upon my

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above all he was studious. Galen hated his noisy mother but

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acute peritonitis in addition to the tuberculosis showed a curve similar

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secutive order of changes in such arteries.. An estima

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probable intestinal origin while forty began in the respira

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and tobacco tomatoes and maize all the things which we

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been left open for a vigorous antivivisectionist s propaganda which spring

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The Electric Light Current in Medicine and Surgery. By

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fluid which does not resemble ordinaiy pus and contains Tuunerous shreddy

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great age. Bengston assured me that his father at the age

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there may even be slight local trouble with the most

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of uric acid and weighed together forty three grains. The

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Rynd said that while the elements of discord had not been intro

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garding all the cases as of uraemic or toxsemic origin the

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